Dear Parents and Carers,

I really hope that you and your family are well and managing in the difficult times that we are in at the moment. This curriculum newsletter will be different than normal.  Hopefully, it will support you with your child’s home learning and use of the Google Classroom. It has been lovely to see the children enjoying using the classroom and posting about what they have been up to at home so far. I would just like to emphasise that I can appreciate that home learning can be challenging. As a school our priority is the health and well-being of you and your family. That said, I know that some parents are enjoying the structure and routine of the work being provided and are enjoying learning with their children. All I would say is; do what you can, when you can! It is still really important for children to have plenty of time to play too! Please do not hesitate to email if you want any support with the Google Classroom work.

Home learning 

Each week I will put the following work on Google Classroom for Year One children:


5 phonics sessions and some dictated sentences linked to these phonics sessions for your child to write. The sentences will need to be written after they have completed the 5 sessions, applying the phonics that they have learnt.


3 sessions (one SPAG lesson, one writing activity and one reading activity)

1 weekly spelling list


5 sessions via White Rose Maths website.

I will also upload 2/3 activities to assist recall of previous learning.


1 session per week focused on emotional and mental well-being.


Using a banded book from the Collins ebooks to read daily– please see below.


I will upload an activity learning grid (every 2 weeks) with ideas for general learning and ways to occupy the children.

I will often share additional ideas for learning on Google Classroom and on the Google Stream.

Work for Geography, Science and DT will be put on Google Class room on the following dates:



Wonderful world

5 sessions

2 weeks to complete




5/6 sessions 

2 weeks to complete



Windmill making

3 session

1 week to complete

Reading Books – Hopefully everyone has been able to access the free Collins ebooks.  Let me know if you are unsure which level your child should be reading. The downloadable resources for each book are also really good to help develop your child’s comprehension skills. Please keep a note of any books you have read in your child’s reading record.

Using Google Classroom - When your child finishes a piece of work please mark it as ‘Handed in’ on Google Classroom so I can see that they have completed it and comment on their hard work, even if they have done the work in their home learning book. If children are doing work on paper, or in their home learning books, it would also be great if you could add the occasional picture or comment to the classroom stream if you are able to. It is nice for children to see what their friends are doing and can motivate them!  Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.

Kind regards,

Miss Spence                                                                                    Email address:  [email protected]

Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term (Summer 1 - 2020) Year One




Each week I will set 5x phonic sessions, ask your child who they have their phonic lessons with and follow the work set for the week. At school we do 25-30 minutes each day.

Each week I will set a spelling list for children to learn and be tested on at home.  

Each week I will set a SPAG task, the children can copy the activity onto paper or their books or onto the classroom document, depending on the task.

Each week I will post a link to Alison Philipson’s website; there will be 1x writing and 1x reading task. Children should write down the answers to the writing task, in full sentences, if they can.

Each week I will post 1x set of sentences for you to dictate to children which match their phonic ability. This will be with their phonics work.  

Each week I will post 1x writing activity for the children to work on their independent writing skills.


 We will be using the White Rose Maths lessons. I will post a link each week and outline what the children will be learning that week.

I will also be adding 2/3 activities looking back at the children’s previous learning. We often revisit areas to assist the children’s memory and recall. We do this in red and call it our ‘Remembering Red’ work!


Work for Science will be posted in week 3 (w/c 4th May) for children to work on in week three and four. There will be PowerPoints with activities for the children to work through. The topic for Science this half term is plants. On Wednesday 13th May I will put a small quiz on Google Classroom and the children can test their knowledge on plants.


This half term our topic is Geography based and is all about the world’s continents and oceans! Work for Geography will be posted in week 1 (w/c 20th April) for the children to work through in weeks one and two. There will be PowerPoints with activities for the children to work through. The topic for Geography is ‘What a Wonderful World’. On Wednesday 29th April I will put a small quiz on Google Classroom so the children can test their knowledge about the world.

Art / DT

At the start of week 5 (18th May) I will post a DT topic about making a windmill. There will be information to work through to encourage the children to think about design and evaluation as well as making their windmill.


Sing and dance as much as you can! For music I have l put links to a lot of the songs with the words on for children to sing on the Google Classroom. They could try to come up with some actions to the songs too. (Find these at: Google Classroom –Songs)


I think lots of you are already doing this but work out with Joe Wicks in a morning!

Also have a look at BBC Supermovers for a quick dance during the day


Children can make a fact poster about Eid. This can be done at any point in the half term. Think about if there is anything similar or different about Easter and Eid.


1x a week. (Find this at: Google Classroom PSHE). Each week I will set a PSHE task with the aim of the children thinking about their emotional and mental well-being. Please keep any work the children produce; we will use this when we get back into school to discuss how the children have felt about this strange time. If you could photograph anything the children do and or/add any comments the children make to the Google Classroom stream or email me that would be great.


The children are probably using lots of IT at home. If you have a laptop then useful skills like becoming familiar with a keyboard and creating, opening and saving documents are great to have as they move into year two. Also understanding about staying safe online is very important.