Fruit Salad Kitchen Disco Day
Fruit Salad Kitchen Disco Day
Outdoor learning

We are only part way through this half term and it has already been a very busy one! 

We have had our Design Technology day when we designed, made and evaluated our own fruit salad! The children tried fruits they had never had before and thought all about healthy eating. We linked this to the book 'Kitchen Disco' which was an opportunity to learn the rhyming section off by heart. We performed this using expression and enthusiasm! Parents can see this on the Google Classroom. We finished the day off with our own 'Kitchen Disco' and had an open air disco on the playground with Swallows class. A big thank you to the PTA for their support with this. 

As if that wasn't enough we also had a team building day on the Peggy Wilson playing field (AKA the Rec!) We had a visit from Mick who got the children working together to solve puzzles and mazes, they played a 'popcorn' game using the parachute and 'wanged' some wellies! This was a great opportunity for us to work on our listening skills. 

We have also had our first trip to the church. This is something we would normally do at the start of the year but covid restrictions have prevented us until now. The children were all delighted to hear that in the future they will go to the church for collective worship. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Rev. Peter Thomas who let us use his collection of shells to think about listening. 

Tennis and Music and Movement have both continued with Freddie and Mr Schofield delivering some amazing and engaging lessons. We are definitely 'Loving to Learn' in Robins!   

Let's see what the rest of the term brings. Well done Robins, you approach everything we do with enthusiasm and a healthy dose of fun!