On Wednesday 6th July, Kildwick Primary School held its inaugural science fair. Every child in school had been involved in a class scientific enquiry the week below. Five children from each class were chosen to represent their class. They had to present their ideas and their project on a board in the hall. Eight projects were judged and three progressed to the next stage, a local science fair involving seven other primary schools. The teams receiving a medal and going forward were:

How do Mentos react to different types of coke? Year 6

How do different types of surfaces affect the bounce height of a tennis ball? Year 4

Do all Skittles actually taste the same? Year 2

At the end of the week the school science fair was set up again so that parents could come and see the interesting science their child had been involved in. The following Wednesday, the winning teams from Kildwick took their projects down to South Craven and placed them alongside the other eighteen projects. Whilst the projects were being judged the children were treated to an impressive display of exciting science demonstrations by the South Craven science teachers. The judges looked at the presentation of the projects and asked the teams lots of questions.

When the winners were announced the Kildwick scientists were very happy because the Year 4 team came third and the Year 6 team won the competition overall.  It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful result. The Year 6 team were personally commended by the judges for the precise and knowledgeable way they spoke about their project. Very well done everyone!