Kildwick CE VC Primary School
Priest bank Road
BD20 9BH
01535 633682

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I am writing with an update regarding the Coronavirus situation and our current response and actions at our school. 

Firstly could I please stress the importance of keeping children at home if they develop symptoms of Coronavirus which include a new cough and/or have a temperature. Children must be kept off for SEVEN days. We will be contacting you to collect your child if they develop these symptoms during the school day. 

It is very important that you update Miss Paynter if you have changed your email address or telephone number recently. Please also keep physical contact with the school to a minimum, phone calls and emails are better.

As a school we have prepared an action plan which we are working through and the following measures are now being put in place as of Monday 16th March

  • Parents and carers are asked to supervise children in washing their hands effectively before they arrive at school and when they get home from school. The children have all had hand washing lessons. Please reinforce the importance of cleaning fronts and backs of hands, nails and wrists and washing for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Children will be required to wash their hands when coming into school and before going home. This is further to additional hand washing which will take place throughout the school day. 
  • Any events which involve parents coming into school will be cancelled. This will remain in place until at least Easter and will be reviewed for the summer term. This includes:
    • Y6 SATs Parents’ information evening  
    • Collective Worship in church
    • The EYFS Mother’s Day Lunch and
    • Class 3 and 4's Easter production. We are hoping to record the production and make this available to parents, we will keep you updated on this. 
  • Parents and Carers are asked to communicate with Class Teachers via email (to the school office) should they need to discuss something with them. This is to enable teachers to get children in and out of school as quickly as possible in a morning and at the end of the day. 
  • Parents and Carers are asked to update the school office with any relevant health problems children may have which school maybe unaware of. 
  • Parents and Carers are asked to ensure that all required medication is in school for children with health problems requiring treatment, particularly inhalers. 
  • Parents and carers are asked to spend as little time as possible on the playground at pick up and drop off times. We will endeavour to ensure that the children are returned promptly to you at the end of the school day. 
  • No educational visits will be planned where children are put into contact with a large amount of children from other schools. The Mosque visit for Class 4 and 5 will go ahead on Monday and the EYFS and Key Stage One trip to Skipton Castle on Tuesday will also go ahead, unless the venues cancel the trip. These trips do not bring the children into contact with large groups of other children or large numbers of the general public. 
  • EYFS and Key Stage One will eat lunch separately to Key Stage Two. There will still be contact between the two key stages due to the size of the school building, the small playground and the shared toilet facilities. We will do all we can to limit unnecessary contact between children. 
  • Collective Worship will not take place as a whole school until at least Easter. Instead children will remain in classes for Collective Worship time. 
  • Any non-essential visitors into school have been cancelled or postponed until the summer term at least. This will be reviewed prior to the summer term.

Mrs Fordham will conduct parents' evening via email. All parents will receive an email by Wednesday 1st April providing a brief summary of your child's progress in key subjects and the Key Stage Two assessments. Targets will be given in both English and Maths. These reports will be sent from a designated email address set up for Class Five; please feel free to reply to the report with any queries or comments and Mrs Fordham will respond in due course. 

We know that lots of families rely on Grandparents or elderly relatives to drop off and collect children. We will do everything we can to accommodate increased numbers at after/before school club if required. If there are financial implications with regards to the use of club please let us know via the office email address or by ringing Miss Paynter. We also realise that a potential school closure could have financial implications for some families. Anyone who feels they may need support with meeting their children's basic needs in the event of a closure please do let us know. As a school community we are here to support each other. 

We are currently working hard to ensure that we are prepared in the event of a school closure. Teachers are preparing resources and home learning methods to enable us to continue to provide some level of education if we are required to close. Please could you email or ring the school office as soon as possible if you would like school to support you with internet access and/or means to access online learning, for example laptops/notebooks. 

We are taking these measures to do all we can to delay the spread of the virus and would ask for you to fully support us at this time. As a staff team we are doing all we can to stay well and healthy and keep school running as normally as possible for the sake of the children and our school community. 

We are mindful that some of the changes being made in school may cause some children to be concerned or anxious. Teachers will be addressing this through PSHE lessons. Please do email the office if you have any specific concerns..

I am confident that Kildwick School community will do everything possible to support and take care of each other during these unprecedented times.

Yours sincerely

Mr T. Whitehead