Ten children from Year 5 attended a science event at South Craven School on Wednesday 25th May. It was an excellent opportunity for students to recognize how science can be applied to real life situations. 

When the children arrived they received a report that Mr Burns (from The Simpsons) had been shot! There were many potential suspects who had reasons to be angry at Mr Burns but the police department had narrowed it down to five suspects.  In the frame were: Homer, Lisa, Mr Smithers, Grandpa and Barney.

Evidence found at the crime scene included:

  • A handwritten shopping list in black ink
  • A number of fingerprints
  • Soil samples
  • Numerous hairs and clothes fibres
  • Unknown chemical on the footpath

The Year 5 detectives conducted a series of tests, using the laboratories at South Craven, to compare samples taken from all the suspects with the crime scene evidence. By the end of their enquiries most of the group were pointing the finger of suspicion at Grandpa! 

Everyone who attended the event thoroughly enjoyed themselves (teachers included) and it is hoped that these experiences will inspire the next generation of scientists.