Our Year Six pupils have inspired 176 people to vote in our Kildwick election. They have impressed all members of staff with their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm during this project. The project started by interviewing local Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates. Children then gave their opinions on a variety of subjects including Brexit, education, the NHS and the environment. Four political parties were formed based on these views. Year Six had to create a name, logo and slogan as well as a manifesto for their party. Campaigning took place in the week before the election, which saw the school being covered in persuasive posters, leaflets being handed out and the distribution of cakes and sweets! A last minute push in Collective Worship on the day of the election gave everyone a lot to think about.

The results are as follows:

Presidio – 37.  Aqua – 49.   Society of Britain – 30. E.E.S – 60.

One issue that all parties felt passionately about was that of the environment and climate change. E.E.S will be working with Mr Horton to discuss how we can help improve our school in this area. All of Year Six are looking forward to their visit to the Houses of Parliament in January and we are hoping to meet up with MP Julian Smith to update him on how our project went.

Well done Year Six! I'm sure we'll be voting for you in a real general election in a few years' time!