We started the New Year with a project that welcomed and celebrated the new decade.

We designed fantastic posters with the numbers 2020 in the centre of them using repeated abstract black and white patterns balanced with the colourful background.  We looked at different ideas using the Zentangle method and tested out various abstract patterns and effects.

The next project was more focused on the natural world and    we studied shapes and forms of trees in winter. We looked at different botanical drawings of trees and created our own pencil drawings as well as copies of trees using carbon paper to trace them.

We spent one session experimenting with watercolours and created six individual   abstract pictures in which we tested tone blending, colour mixing, straw blowing, cotton bud dabbing and watched the paint reacting to salt crystals dropped in.

We then applied our new skills in creating beautiful mixed media paintings of winter trees at sunset using watercolours and black ink as well as black pens for the finer details. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in Art club. We had a great time creating and learning new skills and techniques. I hope you all have a lovely holiday!

Denisa Francis

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