Kandinsky project KS1

KS1 Art Club - Kandinsky

In our first session we created a series of concentric circles in different colours using various materials and techniques inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. We used oil and wax pastels and water colours. We also made great tall towers out of recycled plastic bottle tops of various colours and sizes. 

KS2 Art Club - Snow Drops

Our first Project for this half term is focussed on the natural world and the first signs of spring around us. We looked at different botanical drawings of snowdrops and created our own observational pencil drawings of these delicate flowers. We also tested some tracing methods using carbon paper to produce more floral drawings. We then applied our skills in drawing in creating beautiful mixed media paintings using a resistance technique. in which we combined wax and watercolours. We used wax crayons for green stems and leaves and old candle ends for the flowers.