We held our first event in church along with parents since the start of the Pandemic. It was a great occasion and church was full. 

We received this lovely letter from Jill Wright.

Dear Mr Whitehead, staff and pupils

I’m writing on behalf of the people of St Andrew’s church to say a very big thank you to you all for bringing your Harvest gifts to school last week.  They made a lovely display in church on Friday, when we could see them on the altar.

On Saturday morning, we moved them off the altar and put them on two smaller tables in front, so that all the people who came to church on Sunday could see them.  Everyone was very pleased – and very impressed at how generous you have been.

Today, Year 6 helped Chris, Sandie and me to pack up all the gifts and put them in our car.  On Wednesday morning, we’ll take them to the Skipton Food Bank.  I rang them this morning and they are very pleased to hear that we are going with your gifts.

Thank you all for being generous – and please say thank you to the people at home, too.

Best wishes