Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term (Autumn 1 2019) in Class 5.





By the end of Year Six, children need to be able to write confidently across a range of genres whilst applying their creativity and grammatical knowledge. We will be introducing the new Year Six grammar features and be learning to apply those to our writing. This half term, our writing will be focussed around Goodnight Mr Tom and our topic of World War Two. This will enable us to cover a range of fiction and non-fiction genres.

Guided Reading

We will be working on our class book, Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian, to support our vocabulary and comprehension skills. We will also be completing a number of ‘stand alone’ comprehensions to practise responding to an unknown text.


In class, children will be frequently tested on the Year 5/6 exception words, which can be tricky as they don’t necessarily follow typical spelling rules. These will also be stuck in the front of homework books for you to practise at home.

Children will have weekly spelling lessons and complete a range of activities to become confident in applying spelling patterns. Spellings lists will be sent home and then randomly tested in lessons in the following weeks. This is to ensure that children don’t just remember spelling for a weekly test.


We will be following the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of work. Place value, including the four operations, will be covered this half term. We will also be learning how to do long division; a step up from the short division covered in Year Five.

Children will take part in a variety of arithmetic and general revision activities through the programmes ‘My Mini Maths’ and ‘Numeracy Ninjas’. These activities will keep their basic Maths skills going whilst we focus on a particular area in Maths lessons.


Our topic this half term is Animals Including Humans. We’ll be seeing what we can remember about the human body, looking at the circulatory system in more detail and looking at the effects of a healthy diet and the impact of drugs and alcohol.

Learning Expedition (History, Geography, Art and DT)

Our topic this term is World War Two. This is one of my favourite topics to teach as there is so much to cover! We will be finding out which countries were involved, how life in England changed, what life was like for a child during WW2 and we will be ‘making do and mending’ in DT!

On Wednesday 6th November, we will be visiting Eden Camp to find out more about life during World War Two. More information will follow regarding this visit.


Music will be tied into our World War Two topic as we look at songs from that period in history. We will also be using the programme Charanga to explore a variety of songs and look at their rhythm and pitch.


In PE, we will be taking part in a variety of invasion games.  


Our topic in RE is Creation and science: conflicting or complementary?’ where we will be exploring the importance of Creation on the timeline of the ‘big story’ of the Bible.

P.S.H.C. E.

It’s our world is our PSHCE topic. We will be looking at the wider community and local democracy, rights and responsibilities and environmental awareness.


Children will be working on word processing and Excel skills. An on-going theme throughout the year is e-safety.

Other information

Our class will be supported by Mrs Pink on Monday mornings and Mrs Fenlan all day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mr Pearson will teach the class on Monday afternoons.

 PE will be taught on Mondays and Fridays. The majority of these sessions will be outdoors so please ensure that a fully named indoor and outdoor PE kit is in school all week.

Thursday 7th November

On Thursday 7th November, Class Five will be inviting parents and carers into our classroom to show you what we’ve been getting up to for the last few weeks! Further information will follow, but prepare to get stuck in and join us for an afternoon of activities. Please note that this will be limited to one adult per child – if this is an issue please don’t hesitate to contact school.


Do you know lots about Kildwick or the surrounding area during World War One or Two? Or perhaps have a relative who does? We’d love for you to come in and share your knowledge. If you have any photos of our local area during this time we’d love to take photocopies to add to our display.

Thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs Fordham