Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term (Autumn 2 2019) in Class 5.

We have lots to look forward in the next half term! We had an excellent trip to Eden Camp and have got lots of ideas so that we can write a non-chronological report about it.

Along with finishing our World War Two topic, we will also begin finding out more about The Houses of Parliament and the UK government, in preparation for the upcoming election and, of course, our visit there on the 23rd January. Julian Smith will be coming to speak to us about life as a MP on Tuesday 12th November.

The last couple of weeks of this half term are always very busy but lovely and festive. We will soon begin rehearsing for our Christmas carol concert and will be taking part in other Christmas activities.





By the end of Year Six, children need to be able to write confidently across a range of genres whilst applying their creativity and grammatical knowledge. We will be introducing the new Year Six grammar features and be learning to apply those to our writing. This half term, our writing will be focussed around Goodnight Mr Tom and our topic of World War Two. This will enable us to cover a range of fiction and non-fiction genres. We will also produce writing based around the themes of UK Parliament (ready for our trip in January) and Christmas.

Guided Reading

We will continue to work on our class book, Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian, to support our vocabulary and comprehension skills. We will also be completing a number of ‘stand alone’ comprehensions to practise responding to an unknown text.


In class, children will be frequently tested on the Year 5/6 exception words, which can be tricky as they don’t necessarily follow typical spelling rules. These will also be stuck in the front of homework books for you to practise at home.

Children will have weekly spelling lessons and complete a range of activities to become confident in applying spelling patterns. Spellings lists will be sent home and then randomly tested in lessons in the following weeks. This is to ensure that children don’t just remember spelling for a weekly test.


We will be following the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of work. This half term, our focus is fractions. We will learn to apply the four operations that we learnt last half term to fractions. We will continue to practise our arithmetic skills. Remember to use Times Tables Rock Stars to improve multiplication skills – these are vital to so many areas in Maths.


Our topic this half term is Space and Beyond. We will be investigating the movement of Earth, the sun and the moon. We will also find out how the Earth’s rotation explains the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. We will use our scientific inquiry skills to record and present information and then draw conclusions from this data.

Learning Expedition (History, Geography, Art and DT)

Our topic this term is World War Two. This is one of my favourite topics to teach as there is so much to cover! We will be finding out which countries were involved, how life in England changed, what life was like for a child during WW2 and we will be ‘making do and mending’ in DT!


Music will be tied into our World War Two topic as we look at songs from that period in history. We will also be using the programme Charanga to explore a variety of songs and look at their rhythm and pitch.


In PE, we will be learning about and playing hockey, basketball and handball.   


Our topic in RE is ‘Was Jesus the Messiah?’ We will be exploring the idea of a saviour and people who help us in certain situations. It will also lead to us exploring what happened to Joseph and Mary in the run up to Christmas.

P.S.H.C. E.

Say No! is our PSHCE topic. We will be finding out about peer pressure and how to deal with it along with the effects of drug, smoking and alcohol.  


Children will be working on word processing and Excel skills. An on-going theme throughout the year is e-safety.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Fordham