Kildwick CE VC Primary School
Priest Bank Road
BD20 9BH
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Dear Parents and Carers,

We are now well into the 2019/20 academic year and the season of advent is nearly upon us.  I am writing to confirm that I was voted as chair of Governors again this year and I am delighted to serve the children and families of Kildwick School in supporting the very best educational experience and outcomes.  I would particularly like to welcome parents and carers of children who have started at the school this term, and trust that your child/ children are settling in well at the school and enjoying all it has to offer.

A new Governor has been co-opted to join the Governing Body, Mr Cameron Quinn, who has two sons at the school.  Cameron has a finance background so will be chairing our finance committee and supporting the Governing Body in fulfilling its requirement to ensure that the school’s money is well spent.  We are very grateful that he is prepared to give his time to work as part of our team.

We were delighted to hear of the birth of Miss Akrigg’s baby daughter at the beginning of September and we look forward to welcoming her back as Teacher Governor after her period of maternity leave.

As Governors, we regularly go into school to fulfil our specific monitoring roles which include safeguarding, curriculum, collective worship, RE, health and safety, to name a few.  We now have one meeting each term during school hours rather than in the evening.  This gives us the opportunity to meet some of the pupils and engage with them on specific issues.  This month we met members of the collective worship council who showed us round the school and talked to us about collective worship and what it means to them.  We were very impressed by the impact they are having on informing collective worship across the school and their understanding of its importance.

One of our key roles is to ensure clarity of vision and strategic direction for the school.  We have spent time this term drafting a three-year strategic plan that gives direction to the school in implementing its vision.  You will be aware that the school’s vision statement is ‘Learning to Live, Living to Love, Loving to Learn’.  This describes our ambition not only to foster a love of learning amongst our children, but to teach them to live positive, productive lives where they love and respect their neighbours.  As they move into secondary school, we hope that all our children will clearly demonstrate these qualities.

For each part of the vision statement our plan sets out some key priorities:

  • For Learning to Live the current priorities are to promote positive physical and mental wellbeing and to keep children safe
  • For Living to Love the current priorities are to promote love for each other and for God, and to enable children to initiate activities to support those in need.
  • For Loving to Learn the current priorities are to broaden the curriculum and strengthen inspirational subject leadership, and to ensure children achieve the best they can to support future choices.

There are many milestones and success criteria associated with these priorities which we monitor throughout the year.  We will be giving feedback to parents on progress at the end of the academic year and also giving you the opportunity to influence the plan going forward.

As ever, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office if you have questions about the governing body.

I wish you and your children a happy and successful year and an advent full of joy and anticipation.

Kind regards,

Geraldine Sands

Chair of Governors

Kildwick CE VC Primary School

Biblical underpinnings of the school vision statement

Learning to Live
Jesus wishes us to have ‘abundant life’ and we have a responsibility to enable our children to learn what this means for them. (John 10 v 10)

Living to Love
The ‘greatest commandment’ is that we love one another (Matthew 22 v34 -40) and love should underpin all that we do.

Loving to Learn
Jesus loved to learn from the teachers in the temple (Luke 2 v46) and his disciples loved to learn from him. We aim to follow this example and enable our children to love learning new things.