Sports Day

On the morning of Tuesday 13th July, Owls and Kingfisher headed to the Peggy Wilson Field for a morning of sport.  The children competed in small groups within their year groups - three, four and five.  Each child had the opportunity to do a wide variety of sport.  Mr Pearson organised throwing events (discus, javelin, shot put) and challenged children to cross the climbing wall with touching the ground.  Miss Spence supervised the running events, which included sprints, egg & spoon, relay and sack races.  Finally, Mr Horton was in goal as the young sportspeople lined up to take football and hockey shots against him.  Skipping, tennis and bean bag target practise was also available. Everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed collecting house points as they went round.  The scores are below.

Trust 440

Forgiveness 460

Respect 524

Peace 429

Courage 693

Friendship 429