Team building  activities.
Preparing fruit salad

This half term has been extremely busy and filled with fun so far!

We spent a day outside completing team building activities and games. We completed puzzles, games and activities that got us thinking. 

We have had our Design Technology day when we designed, made and evaluated our own fruit salad! The children tried fruits they had never had before and thought all about healthy eating. We linked this to the book 'Kitchen Disco' to finish our day we had our own disco on the playground with Robins class. We had some impressive dance moves. 

Swallows class has skipping fever! Following a workshop where we were taught how to skip (a challenge for many of us!) Swallows have practised at every opportunity. We have improved hugely, are keeping fit and most of all having lots of fun! 

We are excited to enjoy the last few weeks together as a class!