E safety

Children and staff at Kildwick CE VC Primary School are able to access the Internet through the North Yorkshire County Council Learning Net.

The safety of children when using the Internet (eSafety) is of paramount importance to our school and to North Yorkshire County Council. Our children learn how to keep themselves online in computing lessons and whole school esafety education. 

Guidance for keeping children safe online:

  • Remind children not to give out any personal information unless they are talking to a trusted friend.
  • Follow the terms and conditions for responsible use of the particular sites (social networking sites, computer games, YouTube etc) e.g. minimum age restrictions for all children.
  • Use good antivirus/spyware/pop-up blocking software.
  • Talk to your children about what they are doing on the Internet and get them to show you what games or chat rooms they use.
  • Help children to realise that things written on the social networking sites are published and can be seen by other users, and that therefore any posts must be polite and fair, and not lead to another person feeling demeaned, harassed or bullied.
  • Set up filter systems on your computer that block unsuitable material.
  • If your child see something they don't like or upsets them remind children that they must tell someone.
  • Reinforce to children that they should never meet up with someone they have met online.

Show children how to use the internet because it is a fantastic resource.  Help them not to be afraid of it but meet the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.

We know parents and guardians will also want to ensure their children stay safe when using the Internet at home and elsewhere. There are many websites that offer advice to parents on the topic of 'keeping your child safe online', Click on the links below to find out more about internet safety.