The school will aim to:

  • Promote the Christian ethos, vision and aims of the school
  • Create and maintain positive relationships with all parents
  • Keep parents well informed about all aspects of their child’s achievement, well-being, and development
  • Provide guidance and information about ways in which parents can support their child’s learning
  • Communicate appropriately with parents as per the agreed methods on the parent consent form
  • Report any adverse comments about children, staff or the school posted on social network sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc) to the relevant authority, which may be treated as libellous
  • Staff will not request friendships from parents on social media (unless this friendship exists outside of school or before the staff member joined school)
  • Isolate any child that is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus and arrange collection at the earliest opportunity
  • Ensure that good hygiene is promoted in school

The parents will aim to:

  • Make sure that children arrive at school on time
  • Support the school’s Uniform Policy
  • Support the school’s Behaviour Policy
  • Support the school’s Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Support their child with home learning tasks and ensure it is returned within the set time
  • Attend consultation evenings with the class teacher
  • Avoid holidays in term time
  • Keep the school up-to-date with contact details, including mobile phone numbers and email addresses
  • Be respectful and considerate towards members of the local community eg. parking considerately in the neighbourhood
  • Work in partnership with the school and church to develop positive attitudes towards those from different ethnic minorities
  • Foster a positive attitude towards education and the school and use discretion when discussing issues or grievances in front of children, as these may have a negative effect on their outlook
  • Ensure that children only bring fruit for a snack at breaktimes and water to drink in class
  • Ensure that their child follows rules and regulations of social networking sites such as Facebook, where children should not have their own page until the age of 13
  • Speak to school staff about any concerns. No adverse comments about children, staff or the school should be posted on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Parents will not request friendships from staff on social media (unless this friendship exists outside of school or before the staff member joined school)
  • Adhere to local and national guidance relating to Coronavirus both in and out of school
  • Notify the school should their child display any symptoms of Coronavirus

The child will aim to:

  • Follow the class ‘Charter’ and school rules
  • Respect others’ culture, race, feelings, beliefs, and values
  • Tell a member of staff if they are worried or unhappy
  • Ensure that they will take home all school letters and take part in home learning activities
  • Take good care of school equipment, buildings, and surroundings
  • Follow adult’s guidance on good hygiene
  • Do their best to keep themselves and others safe in an age appropriate way

Together we will:

Listen to and support each other in our aim to provide the best education for our children

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