SEND Report

Kildwick C of E Primary School is a mainstream school with an inclusive ethos.

At Kildwick CE School we aim to create a secure, stimulating and happy learning environment where all pupils' needs are met and challenged regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability or background.  We want all our pupils to achieve their best and have a successful transition onto the next phase of their learning and into adult life.

We want all children at Kildwick school to learn to love, live to love and love to learn. 

In order to achieve the very best for our children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), we work hard to ensure that:

●     we welcome and include all pupils into our community

●     we have strong, supportive links with parents and carers

●     we identify Special Educational Needs as early as possible

●     we follow an effective assess - plan - do - review cycle to monitor and track continuous progress

●     liaise closely with specialist SEN professionals who can support both staff and pupils

We can make provision for children with a range of needs, including cognition and learning, communication and interaction, and social, emotional and mental health difficulties. We take the advice of specialist teachers and other professionals to help us further support the children in our care. Any additional provision for pupils in our school is detailed on provision maps which are monitored by the SENCo on a regular basis.   

Furniture is modern and of a suitable height appropriate to the age group of children being taught in that classroom. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards. The school has a range of ICT programmes suitable for pupils with SEN.  Touch screen computers are available if necessary. The children are taught using multi-sensory techniques and additional resources are purchased as required.  

School also works with other agencies e.g. Occupational Therapy and SALT to support those children who have specific physical needs and/or access requirements, creating individual access/care plans as part of the POP process.  

As a result of building work 9 years ago, a disabled entrance was created at the back of school as well as a disabled toilet on the ground floor. A ramp and a handrail were installed outside the former KS2 entrance, now the main school office. The physical layout of the classrooms upstairs makes it currently unsuitable for a child in a wheelchair. Should a pupil be admitted into the school who uses a wheelchair, the LA would need to look at access. Emergency evacuation procedures (PEEPs) are in place to provide 1:1 supervision of disabled students. 

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SEND Information Report 2023/24 Kildwick CE Primary School
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