All the children from Robins Class 22/23
three girls at the autumn table
four boys on the rec

Welcome to Kildwick School. We are delighted that you and your child are going to start school life with us. We take great pride in the fact that children settle very quickly into school with us and that they always seem to enjoy their learning and development from very early on in Robins. Sometimes starting school is harder for the grown ups than it is for the children! We are here to help though. There are a few links below which can help you be confident that your child is ready to start school in September and also some tips and guidance to support them in their development during their final stages of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Don't forget that Mrs Turner and Mrs Bains are only ever an email or phone call away. We know that all the systems, apps and paperwork can be a bit overwhelming but please just ask and they will help! You can email them on [email protected]. No problem is too big or small and we always want to help you and your child be happy at school. I can also be contacted at [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read this and supporting us in educating and, most importantly, keeping your children happy.

See you soon!

Miss Akrigg

Further Information

Below is a link to a really good booklet which will give you step by step guidance with regards to where your child should be developmentally and some tips to help support their learning. I do, however, attach this with a big reminder that all children are different and will progress at different rates in each area of learning and development. 

There are lots of things you can do to help your child prepare for starting school. The leaflet below is meant as guidance and there is no need to panic if you think your child might need some support in some of these areas - that is what we are here for. 

Reading - at school we teach phonics to help children learn the skills of reading and writing. We use Little Wandle phonic scheme. I will meet with you all to explain a little about this once the children have started school. There is lots you can be doing over summer to help children start the process of reading. See the attached PDF which outlines some lovely ideas. We will do lots of these at school but there is nothing to stop you doing these fun activities at home too! We promote a love of reading and there is nothing better than a bedtime story! 

Google Classroom - In Robins class we use Google Classroom to share pictures of the children in school, give you information on their learning and keep you upto date with things in school. We also ask that you use Google Classroom to share what your child has been up to. We let the children show off any pictures you post and this creates an opportunity for the children to speak in front of the class and tell their friends more about their home life. You will receive a username, password and class code via email to enable you to access our Classroom.  

A copy of the school prospectus can be found here which should answer any general questions that you have. Please get in touch if anything isn't clear but don't worry too much about anything. For the first few weeks all we are worried about is having happy children and parents.