12 April 2019

Dear Parents,

At Kildwick Primary School, Governors, staff, parents and children work together in a happy, creative and high attaining environment underpinned by our school’s vision ‘learning to live, living to love, loving to learn’.

The Governing body is involved with the school at every level, but our core functions are strategic ones:

  • To ensure clarity of vision and strategic direction
  • To hold the school to account for educational achievement of its pupils, and
  • To make sure that the school’s money is well spent

I am delighted to have been appointed as Chair of Governors in January 2019 and I’m deeply committed to supporting the ongoing success of the school. I have lived in Kildwick for 20 years, have a background as a senior leader in the NHS and my youngest daughter attended the school from 1996 to 2000. I joined the Governing Body as a Foundation Governor, which means that, as part of my role, I work closely with St Andrew’s Church Kildwick to ensure that the Christian ethos of the school is maintained whilst respecting and embracing children and families from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

The children at our school achieve high standards across the curriculum. We are justifiably very proud of them and would like to thank the parents who encourage and support their children so admirably.

Governors are appointed to ensure that our school objectives are met. We also support and encourage our headteacher, the senior leadership team and all the staff who ensure that our children have access to an enriched education and all the opportunities they deserve.

This year, we have a particular focus on a set of strategic objectives which cover issues such as the school’s vision and values, academic achievement, enhancing links between parents, pupils and the Governing Body, the development of the before and after school club and  enhancing the safety of the school premises.  The Governing Body is committed to making our school’s vision a reality and bringing real changes to the lives of our children.

Should you wish to contact me, my email address is [email protected].  However, if you need to discuss an operational issue, please contact your child’s teacher or the headteacher first.

Best regards

Geraldine Sands

Chair of Governors

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