Curriculum Statement

Learning to Live, Living to Love, Loving to Learn

Intent: what are we trying to achieve with our curriculum?

At Kildwick CE VC primary School we value the individuality of all our children, irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or background. We are committed to giving all our children every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards in all that they do, underpinned by our deeply Christian ethos. We do this by taking account of pupils’ varied life experiences and needs. We provide our children with an exciting and creative curriculum, in which many subjects are taught through themes.  This thematic approach to teaching and learning inspires our children and engages them in their learning. We encourage children to be inquisitive learners and ask questions, offering them the opportunity to consolidate and revisit previous learning in order to deepen understanding and create life - long learners. Their achievements, attitudes and well-being matter and we offer them the opportunity to discover their gifts and talents given to them by God and experience ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

Our curriculum provides pupils with knowledge, vocabulary and skills in all the subjects of the National Curriculum, clearly outlined on the subject pages of the curriculum area of our school web-site. The curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that there is progression. In order to support the transference of knowledge to the long-term memory, the curriculum has been designed to form links between key themes and terms within the same subject and also across different subject areas. There is an emphasis on developing and expanding our pupils’ vocabulary. Rolling programmes throughout all Key Stages ensure that all children access the full curriculum within our school’s mixed-age class structure.

Within the English curriculum, Reading is prioritised as it forms the key to learning in all subject areas. Our scheme of work for Mathematics provides progression and challenge. Children apply the skills and knowledge they have learned in English and Maths to other subjects of the curriculum. We aim to provide a solid foundation which will not only prepares our children for the next stage of their education, but also for the rest of their lives.

Celebrating Our Location: Rural, Industrial, Diverse.

The unique location of our school, situated between the Yorkshire Dales and the conurbation of West Yorkshire, influences the design of our curriculum.

We want our children to develop a knowledge and appreciation of our rural environment, including the farming which takes place in the village and the trees and the birds which can be found in our school grounds. We are currently developing our school playground and the Peggy Wilson Playing Field. The Forest School area will be integrated into our curriculum offer, supporting our aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of our pupils and developing a sense of responsibility for their surroundings.

Our curriculum is designed so that our children learn about key aspects of local history such as the local industries which have shaped the landscape, including the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which is an important part of our cultural heritage.

As well as our rural surroundings, we aim for our children to have a deeper understanding of their wider locality. This includes knowledge of our industrial heritage, the Leeds Liverpool Canal, the textile mills of surrounding towns. Our links to Bradford, Saltaire and Leeds offer greater access to learning resources such as museums, art galleries, music, theatres and science facilities. Our children learn about the diversity of culture and religion in nearby communities; we want our children to develop respect and tolerance by addressing stereotypes and celebrating differences.

Global Learning

Our curriculum helps our children to make sense of the world they live in and understand their role within a global society. We aim to broaden their views of the world, think critically about global issues and develop empathy and respect.

Implementation: how do we deliver our curriculum?

Our curriculum is delivered using a mixture of cross curricular topics and subject-based learning. Links between different subjects and topics highlighted so that the learning is memorable, relevant and enjoyable.

The building blocks of reading are developed through the structured teaching of phonics skills in the Early Years and Key Stage One and the use of a reading scheme which enables the children to practise the skills they have learned. The use of high quality children’s texts develop comprehension skills and provide inspiration for writing. As children progress through Key Stage 2, recommended reads offer a structure to support the development of reading skills, but children are also encouraged to make their own choices from a wide selection of books in the school library. Guided reading lessons and whole class reading lessons introduce pupils to challenging texts which will broaden their reading experience further. Where possible, texts are linked to learning in other subjects areas, to enrich understanding and reinforce key themes and vocabulary.

British Values and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development

Our curriculum promotes British values and develops Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding. There is a wide range of sporting and cultural enrichment activities on offer which support the academic curriculum. There are also many opportunities for pupils to develop responsibility and become active citizens of the future through school council, eco groups, sports leaders and equality ambassadors. Many charities are supported and we regularly take part in community activities.

Co-operative Learning

Kildwick CE VC Primary School has a warm, friendly family atmosphere in which individual pupils can flourish academically and socially. The core values of Respect, Trust, Courage Friendship, Peace and Forgiveness are important values at Kildwick. The delivery of our curriculum is underpinned by our school aims and values. Learning behaviours are developed throughout the whole school using our vision – Learning to Live, Living to Love and Loving to learn.

Impact: what difference is our curriculum making to pupils?

Accurate and purposeful assessments enable teachers to plan for next steps in learning so that our children make expected or better progress from their starting points. Where necessary, teachers use tried and trusted evidence based interventions to close the gaps in children’s learning.

Our curriculum has been designed to set high standards for our pupils; we expect them to work to the best of their ability at all times, as well as being polite, kind and respectful to others. We aim to provide learning experiences which are challenging and inspiring for our pupils so that they become creative, independent life-long learners and thinkers. We aim for our pupils to develop into safe, happy, well rounded and well-informed individuals who will reach their full potential and be the best possible citizens of tomorrow

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