What is an Annual Review of an Educational Health Care Plan?

The Local Authority must review your child’s Educational Health Care plan, every 12 months (if your child is under five years old, reviews must be six monthly). The purpose of the review is:
• to bring together the views of everyone who helps your child 
• to review how well the aims set in the statement are being achieved 
• to set new targets for the next year.

The annual review is in four parts:
• collecting information 
• holding an annual review meeting 
• the headteacher’s report of the review meeting to the Local Authority 
• the Local Authority’s review of the statement.

We will begin our Annual Review process by working with yourself to allocate an appropriate meeting date and time. Before the meeting we will ask for written reports from you, your child’s teacher and any other professionals who know and work with your child. You will be sent a copy of all the views that have been received before the meeting.
The annual review meeting will be held at school and you are welcome to bring along a friend, adviser, relative or independent parental supporter if you wish. Your child’s teacher will attend along with representatives from relevant health services or a representative from Children's Social Care Services if they think they can provide helpful information and advice.
After listening to everyone’s views at the review meeting, we will set new targets. The headteacher will send a report to the Local Authority recommending any changes that the people at the meeting (including you and your child) felt should be made to the statement or Educational Health Care Plan. The school will send you a copy of the report (within 10 working days of the meeting).

Changes might be made to the Educational Health Care Plan if:
• your child’s needs have changed significantly 
• the Local Authority decides that different kinds of additional help are necessary 
• your child has to move to a different school. 
Annual reviews will not always lead to changes in your child’s Educational Health Care Plan.

The Agenda for an Annual Review Meeting
• Introductions
• Purpose of our meeting
• Check current details – Part 1
• Check description of needs is relevant – Part 2 (amend as appropriate)
• Discuss current provision, including levels of attainment, and progress with regards to EHCP objectives and pupil (POP) targets – Part 3 and 4
• Discuss pupil and parent views – Part 5
• Sum up the meeting, setting targets for the next year and key actions – Part 6, 7 and 8

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