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Dear Parents/Guardians                                                                                                             June 2023

We are taking this opportunity to update you regarding the Kildwick School strategic plan 2022-2025. This is the plan we have as governors to ensure that the school is following its vision and implementing its values.

Our school vision statement is ‘Learning to live, living to love, loving to learn’ and we would like to provide a little bit more information regarding each part of this statement.

  1. Learning to live

At Kildwick the children are taught the link between physical activity, healthy eating and their happiness. This is taught in class and is supported by the children having access to a range of after school activities which are accessible to all children. Careful consideration is given to the lunchtime menu and encouragement is provided regarding packed lunches. Children are made aware of their mental wellbeing.

The learning is expanded by giving children an awareness of the impact we all have on the environment and how they can play their own part in preserving it.

  1. Living to love

Our priority is to keep the children safe in school and to ensure that they feel safe. This gives them the skills going forward to keep themselves safe in the outside world, including at their chosen secondary school.

We want the children to make and develop positive relationships both with their peers and with the adults who teach and assist them.

The school is promoted as an inclusive environment and the children are taught about other cultures in the world and are made aware of the need for equality both at school and in the wider world so that everyone should be able to experience the same opportunities.

Charity plays a prominent and regular part in the children’s lives and the children are encouraged and enabled to raise money and provide assistance both for the school and for wider causes. They are taught the benefits this provides both to themselves and to those they are able to help. 

The children will grow spiritually through their participation in collective worship thanks to the strong links with St Andrews Church and through the RE curriculum.

  1. Loving to learn

Children are taught in a careful and age appropriate way the difference and diversity which exists around them both in their immediate school environment and in the world generally.

They are encouraged from the start of their Kildwick journey to be inquisitive and to not be afraid to learn new things and subjects.

They are encouraged to begin to learn independently, both in the classroom and at home with the assistance of Google Classroom. This allows them to be the best versions of themselves and prepares them for the home learning that will be an important part of their future.

The children are assessed and are achieving in line with national expectations. We appreciate that the children’s performance differs on an individual basis and we are happy that the gaps are closing in this respect by giving the assistance needed.

The three-year strategic plan has four priority areas, reflecting the school vision statement.

  1. Environmental sustainability.
  2. The School’s Christian ethos.
  3. Leadership and resource management.
  4. Curriculum and wider activities.

Mr Whitehead and the staff team use the priorities to help develop the curriculum and ensure that a wide range of activities and opportunities are available for all children, in all classes. 

The plan is reviewed at the end of each school year ensuring that priorities are addressed and the school vision statement remains at the centre of all activities.

The strategic plan can be seen in full through the school website here. If you would like to comment on the school vision statement and strategic plan, please send your thoughts to Mr Whitehead at school before 20 July 2023 via the Google Form, accessible through the following link.

We hope that this letter is helpful.

John Perry, Chair of Governors, is happy to discuss the work of the governing board. He can be contacted at: [email protected]


Kildwick School Governors