Year Six had an amazing time on their trip to London earlier this week. 

After an early start and a long train ride, the group jumped on the tube and arrived in Piccadilly Circus before walking to Westminster Pier to catch a sightseeing boat down the Thames. The children had a quick stop for lunch before heading back up the river and walking to The Houses of Parliament, where they took part in a guided tour around the building. They were able to go into the House of Lords (although not allowed to sit on the benches as they weren't Lords!) and then they went into the viewing gallery of the House of Commons to listen to MPs debate about NHS dentistry. The afternoon ended with a workshop where the children showed off their knowledge and then a question and answer session with Julian Smith, the MP for Skipton and Ripon. 

It was then time for the long sightseeing walk back to King's Cross station ready to catch our train home. A tiring but amazing day!