Children performing the Romans vs Brigantes battle

We had a fantastic time visiting Craven Museum in Skipton for the day.

We visited Craven Museum in Skipton for the day. In the morning, we took part in a workshop, learning all about what our locality of Craven was like during the Roman times. 
We started by recapping what Iron Age Britain was like before the Romans arrived. We then learnt that it took the Romans 30 extra years after their first invasion to reach Craven because they had to walk the whole way and they kept having to fight with various Celtic tribes. 

We then learnt about the Brigantes tribe who lived in Craven and the disagreements that they had with the Romans. Some children acted this out (and did an amazing job- very fierce!) and we all participated as a class in parts of this.  
After that, we learnt about the Roman settlement that was found in Gargrave and handled artefacts from this site. We had to be very careful and wear gloves when handling these precious objects. We learnt about the role of archaeology in history and what an archaeologist does. We drew, annotated and labelled some artefacts in the way that a historian would. 

In the afternoon, we went around the museum and saw some more Roman artefacts from the local area as well as lots of other local historic items. As well as all of the Roman items, we were so excited to see artefacts from other history topics that we have studies, like some real paleolithic tools, all from our local area.